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Why getting more of what you want is ALWAYS an inside job

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Let’s get real…as humans, we’re never really “done”, right? True growth and expansion never stop. And I certainly don’t want my own mentors to stop growing and stretching. Or being real about the process.

And what I know to be true is that the more I honor and give myself permission to stretch and feel the growing pains, the better therapist and coach I am to my clients. ‘Cause honestly? Even as I stretch and work all my edges over here, my clients are getting HUGE results from our work.

Because as I grow and expand, I get to bring all that expansion to the work I do with clients. Plain and simple.

And to pull back the curtain here even more, I’m sharing a new, stretchy belief I’m over here leaning into as I push myself to play bigger and show up more fully in my life:  

I cannot get where I’m going by staying the same as I am today.

Now don’t get me wrong…this isn’t about being wrong or not enough in some way.

Quite the opposite. This is about acknowledging that we’re so much more than we can see right now, or so much more than we allow ourselves to bring forward.

And we MUST be willing to trust the bigger version of ourselves already within us, and that it’s safe (and necessary) to bring this version out into the open. Allllll the way out.

Because that untapped and often-hidden version of us is truly what propels us forward into those big dreams… desires…goals…and intentions we have for our life.

Which means the work to get where we’re going is always and forever an inside job, and NOT about doing or accomplishing more on the outside.

And if I look at the intentions I’ve set for my life and business in 2023, I can see that it’s actually not about hiring a bigger team or adding to my credentials or getting in better shape or learning a second language – or some kind of external task. (And while I might decide to do any of these things, it won’t be because I’m relying on it to grow my life and business.)

True growth is about going deep within and working our edges and learning the lessons. And continuously stretching and nurturing ourselves in the process. Rinse and repeat.

So as I’m over here s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g my beliefs and doing the internal work of creating more for myself and my life, I’m nudging YOU to do the same.


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