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Your life…your rules – how to stop letting fear hold you back

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Here’s the deal – as we grow and evolve, stuff’s gonna change. And while that’s the point of course, there’s usually LOTS of unintended changes that we don’t see coming.

Changes that feel uncomfortable. Changes that feel downright scary. Changes that make you second-guess yourself.

Things that used to be really important to us, no longer matter as much. The way we show up in our relationships change. Our ways of showing up in the world even shifts.

For better or for worse (even though it’s always for better), as we grow and evolve, we’re asked to let go of people and things and parts of ourselves along the way.

And because I’ve probably said this exact thing 10 times last week on client calls:  “Your life, your rules,” I’ve decided to remind our community to be unapologetically you today. And that doing so is necessary if you want to keep growing and evolving.

But since this is always easier said than done, here’s more about how to actually do that:

Here’s the thing – we usually know exactly what we want at any given time. Even when we feel conflicted. What gets in the way of taking action on this knowing is FEAR.

Fear of breaking “the rules.” Fear of being judged. Fear of upsetting others. Fear of the unknown.

When we let it, fear overshadows our true needs and desires. It waters down our true sense of self and how we really want to show up in the world.  Fear holds us back from getting more of what we want.

When we take fear out of the equation (again easier said than done…I know), acting on what we want and how we want to show up is always much easier.  Like…a lot easier.

When we take fear out of the equation, we give ourselves permission to show up fully in our life and truly own who we are and what we want.

Without the apologies. Without the guilt. Without the second-guessing.

If you weren’t letting fear hold you back – what could you accomplish then? What would your life look like then? Those are the questions I want you to ask yourself today…what would you do if fear wasn’t holding you back?



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