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How to Manage Your Mindset During Tough Times

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While most of our clients come to us wanting to improve their mental health, we also wind up doing powerful mindset work that results in better mental health, BUT ALSO results in more confidence, more freedom, and more happiness.

Because it’s all connected anyway, yes? So whether we do the mental health work, it’s a guarantee your mindset will improve, or if we do the mindset work, it’s a big step forward in your mental health and personal growth journey as well.

And when you’re out there being a human in the world, tough times can show up here and there. And when they do, it’s good to know how to take care of your mental health and manage your mindset.

So here’s a sneak peek of one strategy we teach our clients (and why we use this strategy as therapists too)…

As therapists, we’re in the business of helping others take care of their well-being and architect powerful success mindsets. We love it and it’s literally the work we were put on this Earth to do.

But this doesn’t mean we don’t have our own crappy days or crappy seasons –  where we find ourselves deep in our own stuff. And digging out isn’t always a piece of cake for us therapists either.  But we do know what works to feel better FASTER.

One of the tools we teach our clients (and that we totally lean into when we need to) is the idea of Moving the Dial. What this means is that we don’t try to go from 0 to 60 with improving our mindset.

We don’t try to turn it all around with positive thinking or affirmations. Do we use both? Yes. But we use them in believable doses.  (Otherwise, they don’t feel effective and can even tick us off!).

Meaning – instead of moving the dial allllll the way to the other end with our mindset, we move it one hash mark forward. So if we’re really deep in a rabbit hole, we don’t use self-talk that pretends everything’s okay. We simply focus on the smallest thing that’s going well in that moment and let ourselves soak that up.

For example:  “Even though I’m really pissed off/sad/scared right now, I’m grateful the sun is shining on my face…or that my favorite song is on the radio…or that I get to have tacos for lunch.” You get the picture.

This is really about finding the good even in the shit, but in believable ways. And then not putting so much pressure on yourself to always be in a great headspace all of the time (especially on the hard days).

Let yourself be a human having a human experience. End of story.

Don’t forget –  working on our mental health and our mindset is often faster and easier when we have support!  Someone in our corner to help us stay accountable, adjust strategies, and help us believe in ourselves when we need that.  If this sounds like the kind of support you’d love to have, contact us today to learn more about how to get started.