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Break Free of Codependency

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When one takes responsibility for their own well-being, they regularly make choices that align with their needs, goals, and values. And while well-being is multifaceted, it should never depend solely on a partner. Unfortunately, in codependent relationships, people are dependent on each other to feel ok. In this type of unhealthy attachment, the relationship is not balanced because the codependent partner takes on most responsibility and decisions. Essentially, they are in charge, but this is not without consequence, as they tend to sacrifice their wants and needs. In some cases, codependent people may even enable destructive behaviors in the dependent person, such as addiction. Sadly, they believe that they will lose the relationship if they stop enabling the destructive behavior. The effects of codependency are numerous and deeply detrimental. Fortunately, it’s possible to break free of codependency.


The Effects of Codependency

  • Loss of Identity: Codependent people prioritize others’ needs and lose sight of their own.
  • Emotional and Mental Health Issues: The constant pressure to care for others creates chronic stress. Further, codependent people neglect their own well-being. This makes treatment for mental health issues hard until the codependency is healed.
  • Impaired Decision-Making: Excessive focus on others’ needs makes it hard for codependent people to make their own healthy decisions.
  • Perpetuating Negative Cycles: Supporting the dependent person’s harmful actions prevents them from facing consequences. In turn, this perpetuates negative cycles.


Healing Codependency

It’s possible to heal codependency and create an equal, mutually supportive relationship with healthy boundaries. The first step is recognizing that codependency is at play. Next, find a therapist who specializes in codependency to help uncover root causes, provide coping strategies, improve communication skills, create healthy boundaries, and prioritize self-care. Building self-esteem and a solid support network is also key to stopping codependency.

A life free of codependency is not out of reach. The Lisa Eaton Therapy and Coaching team provides the tools you need to reclaim your sense of self-worth and break free of codependency. Ready to start this journey? Reach out to us for an appointment.

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