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If you’re interested in Therapy Services, get started with us by speaking with our client Intake Coordinator.

  1. Contact our client Intake Coordinator to discuss what’s going on for you and next steps to getting started with us.
  2. While we are a fully Cash Practice and do not accept insurance, we do provide clients with a Super Bill for reimbursement.
    • We find that many California insurance companies offer our clients a generous reimbursement.
    • Session rates differ by provider. Please ask our Intake Coordinator to review session rates and reimbursement opportunities.
  3. Here’s what to expect at your first session…
    • A first therapy session is really about understanding the problem, its root causes, and how it’s impacting your life currently, so we can figure out how to shift all that and move you toward greater happiness.
    • It’s also about getting to know each other and making sure we’re a great fit to work together.
    • We’ll move at your pace and get into as much or as little as you want to at your first session.
    • We’ll also use the first session to collaborate on treatment goals and to prioritize your first and next steps to feeling better.

To get started, call us at (949)236-1990 or fill out the form below.

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