Take the first step toward feeling happier, more confident, and creating the life YOU want.

Therapists that keep it real and give you clear action steps to feel happier, more confident, and to live a more successful lifestyle (whatever that looks like for you).


Connect with our team of therapists who know what works to help you create change, and who are approachable and non-judgemental (read: no stuffy, out-of-touch therapists here). We also ditch the one-size-fits all approaches and instead use strategies tailored to your unique personality and situation, so you know exactly how to move forward in a way that fits you.


Therapy gets you back up to baseline. If you’re looking to grow and thrive beyond just your baseline, Mindset Coaching is the type of support you need. This is next-level personal growth and change. Reasons clients seek out Mindset Coaching include : to feel more confident, to make a big career change, or to go after a big life goal. Basically, making any big life upgrade that requires you to play at a new and bigger level.

Business Coaching

Hey, you may have landed here because you’ve heard of Lisa Eaton’s work as a Business + Sales Coach. Lisa helps high-achieving service-based women entrepreneurs just like YOU grow their business by learning how to market and sell well in a way that works for THEM. No cookie-cutter methods or 5-step formulas, just learning how to match good business and sales strategy to YOUR unique voice and personality, so you can do more of the work you love (and get paid beautifully for it).

Because when you learn how to grow a profitable business doing things YOUR way, everything changes in your business (and bank account).