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Who you need to BE to reach your 2024 goals

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In this month’s blog we’re chatting about who you need to be in order to crush those 2024 goals.

Notice how I said who you need to BE…and not what you need to DO?!  Because what I’ve learned after 10 years of owning businesses is that who you’re being is always more important than what you’re doing.

Do you still need to show up and do the dang work?  Definitely.  But it’s HOW you’re showing up and what you’re telling yourself every day that really matters, when it comes to making the kind of changes you want to make


Step 1

Think about that goal you set for yourself this year.  Hold it in your mind.  Feel it in your heart.  And then ask yourself – who do I need to be to receive that?

But this is not about not being enough – this is about bringing more of your enoughness forward.  It’s about thinking like, feeling like, and being like that version of you NOW…even before you reach that goal.

Because when we think/feel/be like that version of ourselves, we can’t help but evolve to be that version of ourselves faster.  And even on an energetic level, we begin to match the energy of our desired goals, therefore attracting them much sooner!

And remember – that version of yourself is ALREADY there…you just need to feel into her or him and bring more of them forward.  That’s all this is really about!


Step 2

Next, I’m nudging you to get specific…super specific about who you need to BE in order to crush your 2024 goals.

So take out your journal and get specific about…

— When you’ve reached your goals, what are you thinking everyday?

— When you’ve reached your goals, what are you feeling everyday?

— When you’ve reached your goals, who are you being everyday?

— What can you think/feel/do right now TODAY to be that fuller version of yourself right NOW?

Believe me…this is a powerful exercise to help you start being the person at that level TODAY!


Step 3

This step is just a reminder – your strategy or what you’re doing does matter to reaching your goals. It just doesn’t matter as much as what you’re telling yourself and how you’re feeling.

Think about it like this, if you learned this new shiny strategy or habit and started executing on it daily, but didn’t really believe in it and were saying all kinds of negative things to yourself while doing said strategy – the strategy just wouldn’t work, or it wouldn’t work nearly as well (or as fast).

So by all means take the action.  Just make sure you’re taking action from a place of belief and while thinking and feeling things that help you get where you’re going (and don’t just keep you more stuck).

Moral of the story here?  I want you to prioritize thinking and feeling good more than anything else.  Because no one you look up to got where they are by saying negative things to themselves all day or by routinely feeling crappy.  #truth


Step 4

When you think about who you need to BE or what you need to give yourself in 2024 to bring your big goals to life, what are you missing?

This might mean you need to learn a new skill…believe in yourself on a deeper level…or say more no’s to things that don’t serve you.

Point is to ask yourself what that future version of you is thinking or choosing as she or he lives out their dream goals.

Because that’s what you need to think…choose…be…invest in…NOW.

For example, if you’ve set an income goal this year that’s beyond what you’ve ever made before, then YOU need to show up in ways that’s beyond what you’ve ever done before.

You also need to figure out what’s going to help you bridge that gap between who you are now and who you need to be, so you can start living into that person who has what you want TODAY.

If you need more strategy, invest in more strategy. If it’s greater confidence, invest in things that’ll help you grow your confidence. If greater physical health’s the ticket, invest in a plan to get healthier. [And if you’re not sure, that’s okay too! Start there.]

Point is, don’t just do the comfortable thing you’ve always done. We create new results by BEING a new version of ourselves. Start doing the things NOW your future self will thank you for!

Don’t forget –  reaching our goals is often faster and easier when we have support!  Someone in our corner to help us stay accountable, adjust strategies, and help us believe in ourselves when we need that.  If this sounds like the kind of support you’d love to have, contact us today to learn more about how to get started