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How To Manage Holiday Stress

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I really think you’re going to love this month’s blog! Just in time for the holidays, we’re talking about how to best manage all that sneaky (and sometimes…not-so-sneaky) holiday stress that gets stirred up this time of year.

You know – the kind of stress that gets triggered by food, family, money, expectations, and generally just being pulled in 17 different directions for the next 2 weeks.

Because the more we know HOW to manage that predictable holiday stress, the more we can really tune into what this season is all about – gratitude, human connection, and really living in the moment! AND the more we can give ourselves permission to feel good (even during a time of year where we often put ourselves last on the list), the more we can actually enjoy this time of year.

I’m going to give you questions to think about, talk through, journal on, meditate with, pray about – whatever feels good..  This will help you get clear and be really really intentional about how your holidays unfold.

Remember – WE are in charge of how we feel and what we experience during the holiday season, no matter what’s going on around us.

So let’s take a minute to tune in and get intentional, so we can create the most ideal holiday experience yet – whatever that looks like for you!

Here are the questions/prompts I want you to consider…

— How do you want to FEEL during the December holidays?

— Name 3 things you can do to cultivate or protect that feeling.

— What’s an experience you definitely want to have this month…something that’s non-negotiable for you? (Could be with others or alone.)

—What are you saying NO to this month, so you can actually create the feelings and experiences that are important to you during the holidays? 

— Name 3 things you get to say YES to (yay!) because you said NO to the thing(s) above.

— Who/what are you going to choose to disengage from/let go of expectation around, so you can fully enjoy your holiday moments?

— Where can you decide things are “good enough” this holiday season, instead of putting unrealistic pressure on yourself to do it all perfectly?

—  Name 3 things you’ll do that are just for YOU this holiday season (this is your self-care reminder, y’all!).

— Who can I ask for support when I need it?  (I’m referring to support with the practical and with the emotional – because sometimes we just feel alllllll the feelings at the holidays!)

And if you’d like extra support with learning how to navigate the upcoming holidays with more joy and less stress, contact Lisa Eaton Therapy to get started with that today.